Ich lade zu flirtation mit meiner extremen süße ein

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Sorry is this site still going on I totally forgot

Today I'll look like someone who steps on people

Auf dieser Plattform werden dann alle horny oder was ist das

Not only am I a god I am one of the ones that die



"haha wrist reveal haha got you"
They're not on my wrists you fucking idiot

Its so cool how I can add little meta snippets now because the sign limit is like infinity

Doing my best being a responsible adult (I'm a kid and I'm shit at life ahhhhhhhh)

Damn nothing even happened today it was a good day. Idk have fun with the toot

Damn can't believe like all this asss fits behind all this consent like jeezzzzz there's so much consent going on

What is it with you horndogs is this how people read my tweets jesus Christ

Meinung zu raceplay kink?
Meinung zur arbitrarität von age of consent laws?
Meinung zu Sissy porn?
Meinung zu wirklich moralisch problematischen Dingen als kink und oder als Anwendung gegen faschos?

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New electronic plaything with this and it actually works so I'm having fun here let's see how that turns out tomorrow

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