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Me, stealing stale pancakes: No gods, no masters

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FYI: The US has a new mental health hotline, you can access it for free by dialing 988

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Omg ok, announcement: @tacohitbox and I are dating and she's the best catgirl gf one could wish for~

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I do give Mastodon permission to flirt with me

"Anti-imperialism" has been bastardized the same way "free speech" has been

Also like some of us have been out for over a week.

Just accept that trans fashion also includes cis fashion trends

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Excellent interview with the Ukrainian leftists supplying leftist Ukrainian fighters pushing back the
Russian invasion:

We are raising funds with Solidarity Collectives to equip leftist units with drones & comms gear to keep them safe & in the fight. Please contribute!

sons of anarchy when moms of anarchy show up

so many cute queer folks in my phone today

Would you like a tree in this trying time? It has 175 nodes, descending 56 nodes down.

update on Atlanta police invading the forest 

Atlanta Police entered the Weeluanee Forest today and destroyed or damaged several trees and three tree houses. No arrests were made. (

Atlanta police, working with an arborist, cut down all the branches of the tree pictured below while a brave protestor occupied this platform.

"Standing strong against the police endangering their life, the tree sitter was not removed or arrested & the sit stands."

"APD was unable to destroy the majority of the sits." There's a full report here with a video of the tree and tree sit pictured below and the tree's branches on the ground.

There's a list for climbing and construction supplies from Amazon, but if you could get them from other stores, I think that would be even better.

A fuller report at the very end.

The meowing will continue until morale improves

Vry bad take, right-wing bs 

New favorite Firefox take:

Ancient, bloated, slow garbage run by rancid leftist woke nazis on Googles payroll

what if we made out on the seat bed in an empty 6 seat compartment in one of the cars that were added to the night train from munich in ljubljana, continuing all the way to the croatian coast

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Some asshole is distributing transphobic fake newspapers all around the city but I gotta admit they got me dead to rights on this one

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