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remember to regularly post bad posts so your followers don't get used to the idea of you posting good posts, which can result in them having expectations

remember folks, distributed is not the same as decentralized

gonna steal the fossils from fossil fuel companies

what are they gonna do? use fuel without fossils? exactly

The Venn diagram of poly people and database administrators is a complete circle.

spontaneous combustion levels are 79% and rising

(79%) ■■■■■■■□□□

arc being scared and sad 



the world is going to shit

and no one who can do anything cares


not my school forcing me to do a cybersecurity exercise where i disrupt a forum for a group of people who.... bike to block traffic.



great job


MLs really think that you can undo the harm caused by hierarchies, power imbalances, and authority by making a way worse and more concentrated version of them and then waiting for them to abolish themselves, just because "when it's our guys in charge they'll always stick to the plan and do what's right." What they don't realize is that power doesn't just corrupt, it *seduces* and *reveals.* Remove the restraints of equal power around you and few can resist using power for their own gain.

i actually dont think it's very respectful to be celebrating at a time like this, Dr. Van Helsing. say what you will, but Count Dracula was an elder and technically an endangered species

buying a gpu with bitcoin to make sure it costs more for everyone buying one after me

terrible, terrible 

yaaaas queen, slayed

saw someone walking their cat on a leash outside (it was a good cat)

its so mean to un-kill the queen after i already got excited

dunking on transmisic fuckers may be fun but it sure as hell pollutes my timeline with bullshit that is not even visible because the origin instance have been defederated since forever

also uh if a transphobe exhibits signs of actually repressing dysphoria and shit? making fun of that probably doesn't help anyone.

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