minor injury/ph, question 

hi so uhm i've been working with some of this glass wool stuff (fig. 1) and now i have a rush everywhere i got into contact with it (fig. 2 and 3) and when i stroke over those areas it feels as if millions of microscopic needles poke into my skin so very basically my question is am i gonna die?

cursed cables #2 

if this makes you scream already, just wait until you see this absolute beauty (the connection turns into 100BaseT-2 and shares the same unshielded cable with a DSL line and an analog telephone line)

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cursed cables 

doing the other kind of Internet Crimes

re: rust 

this has dealt so much damage that my brain is very smooth now but i think this might actually be right

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shitpost, ph, virus 

looks like i'm finally boypreggers, can i get a pog in the chat

everyone is talking about but deep down what people really need is a premature so here are some old photos of our bunnies when they were smol

i've been patiently waiting for almost a year to post this

these have got to be one of the best adhd fidget toys out there


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