to whomever decided to let c++ do this stuff at runtime, transparently, whenever an exception gets thrown:

who hurt you?

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@wakame to be completely honest, i've been using it for way too long before realizing the ICE in Atmel-ICE was not just a trademark name thingy

@dysfun i've bootstrapped an amd64 CPU from a BIOS bootsector, it can only get so much worse than that

reminder to myself that the only reason i'm doing this is because i don't have the ICE i stole from uni with me right now and can't be assed to set up qemu for cortex-m3 either

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@networkexception thanks but the chapter link redirects to an archived 404 page, unfortunately

i've found the current official version on github though

now where can i find documentation for this fancy unwind table thing everyone's talking about

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i didn't think i'd ever say this but i finally found something that x86 does better than arm, you just dereference EBP and boom there's your stack trace

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so apparently i'm left with 2 options

  • write a whole bunch of code to parse unwind tables
  • go fuck myself because the position of the frame pointer is completely unpredictable
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oh great, the GCC people rejected it because its performance impact is too huge

when explicitly compiling with a frame pointer

which is disabled by default in favor of unwind tables

for performance reasons

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