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do you want to join my kubernetes cluster on amazon web services 🥵​🥵​

i love kubernetes 😍​😍​😍​​😍​😍​​😍​😍​​😍​😍​

"but twitter has way more users so chances of them reading your dms specifically are very slim" is the shittiest deflection possible from people who allegedly know and care about security i've ever heard about.
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people on twitter will complain about fedi server admins being able to read dms while the average twitter user apparently feels comfortable with dming me about their past and future crimes on the one platform out of the two with an intelligence firehose interface
french trans person actually enjoyed being an egg

call that gender oeuforia

@schratze mine also broke after an update yesterday. try commenting out the suspend-on-idle module in /etc/pulse/, then log in again/restart pulseaudio

My GPU (driver?) just hung so hard that after powering it off by holding the power button and starting it again, it got stuck on fan spin and no display output, and even holding the power button didn't turn it off anymore, and I had to use the physical PSU switch to reset it.

The cause: exiting OpenTTD.

Perhaps this whole "computer" thing wasn't such a great idea after all?

rust question 

so i'm currently digging into rust for kernel development and, as someone with little rust experience to begin with, feel kind of overwhelmed by the entire build process. my two main problems are:

  • interoperability with assembly files that make use of the C preprocessor
  • configuration beyond simple booleans, i.e. i need user supplied strings/integers in both rust and assembly files

are there any homosexuals in the fediverse who could help me out with this?

it's kind of funny how the jetbrains web site is praising their new fleet ide as super lightweight yet at the same time i'm scrolling through it with around a quarter of the fps i get in shadow of the tomb raider

wow nftables is totally awesome except that it doesn't work¹

¹ the way i expect it to work

welcome to mastodon!

here's your bottle of estradiol (you'll need it later trust me)

shitcoin adjacent 

current status: committing nft crimes (i'm configuring nftables)

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