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drugs, mh, re: ethernet in my room 

you might also recognize by my way of writing that i'm not exactly sober right now. this is because the damage inflicted by ethernet and DSL required binging alcohol et al. the entire time i've been working on this shit, or i probably would have gone even more insane than i already am. i am kind of a mess after all lmao.

re: fef domestic infrastructure, finance 

well, technically the project isn't completely finished just yet. i did manage to get all the way to the office room where our DSL modem/router is without causing interference with said DSL line, but the cable i laid there is still just plugged into an old laptop playing WLAN client because my dad (who is a boomer and works in IT security and is thus a little paranois) has blocked all ethernet ports on the router for security reasons or some whit. so basically all i got now is 5 meters closer to the WLAN access point, nothing more. we'll see how that one turns out.

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fef domestic infrastructure, finance 

i am proud to announce that, after countless setbacks, the Good Ethernet In My Room Project is finally finished! my original estimate was that it would take just a couple hours and a single trip to the hardware store, but oh boi was i wrong. it ended up taking almost an entire week of at least 8 hour shifts each, a total of three trips to the hardware store and several times the assumed costs. i might actually write a blog post for those interested in the nifty details, but the executive summary is that layer 1 is significantly more complex than you might assume and i have nothing but respect for the people working on this stuff as a living.

minor injury/ph, question 

hi so uhm i've been working with some of this glass wool stuff (fig. 1) and now i have a rush everywhere i got into contact with it (fig. 2 and 3) and when i stroke over those areas it feels as if millions of microscopic needles poke into my skin so very basically my question is am i gonna die?

Reminder One: Christopher Eccleston is the queen's favourite Doctor Who actor

Reminder Two:

boost if youre love hugging ur blahaj or ur a lebsian

@Dee Advanced Micro Devices when Simple Macro Tools show up

re: cursed cable update 

the catch is that i can only do one at a time because DSL seems to kinda freak out whenever i use too much ethernet for some reason

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cursed cable update 

i'm now doing gigabit ethernet and 100 MBit/s DSL over a single 12-wire telephone cable lmao

cursed cables #2 

if this makes you scream already, just wait until you see this absolute beauty (the connection turns into 100BaseT-2 and shares the same unshielded cable with a DSL line and an analog telephone line)

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cursed cables 

doing the other kind of Internet Crimes

Ah yes 220V on a plastic case you can feel it with your finger but there is not much current flow
still scary

i made a thing! you can now do curl or visit to find out your IP address. Also try curl for even more features!

re: rust 

oh wait i'm stupid and ran it in debug mode, the optimized binary takes around 270 microseconds which is fine

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re: rust 

wait how did that piece of crap take over 2 ms to execute

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  • that one channer linux guy

do you have any idea how little that narrows it down

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