german politics 

It's so fucked up, a right-wing city council member in my region is mad because of a FCKNZS sticker and says it is radical left and "not politically neutral". I really want to uninstall humanity at this point.

my best friend frequently suggests names for me, which is ultra cute, but i don't really like them because they're either not fitting for me or there are other people with that name i don't really want to be associated with.

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i reaaaallly want to finally choose an other name, but i can't find one which feels right for me.

strongest edit button fan vs. the weakest "delete and redraft" enjoyer

i tried installing arch linux on a vm with @luna yesterday and it said no but it worked on thier vm and we don't know why xd

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fucked up that they make cats go to work

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I should be able to sit in a box at work and sleep tbh

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politics in us politics in europe politics in general is so exhausting when you're not privileged

kind of a vent 

yesterday was such an emotional rollercoaster which resulted in absolutely doing nothing again. i really need to change something so i can get any good grades oof

it's not entirely necessary for playing in handheld for example but as soon i invite 3 friends someone has to use the pro controller which wouldn't feel fair lol

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replaced 2 joy con sticks but the cable connecting the sl/sr and the lights that show which player you are broke guess i'll have to order that too

wooo 2 stunden in ulm wegen einer verspätung ich kotze xd (@ RE 55 ➜ Villingen(Schwarzw))

ey nur säufer hier und der zug kam einfach so an gleis 3 an (@ RE 75 ➜ Ulm Hbf)

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