In case you maintain a mail server or plan to do so in the future, PLEASE READ THIS.

There's an organization by the name of "UCEPROTECT", which blacklists ASNs willy-nilly. If you end up on their blacklist, DO NOT PAY THEM.

This organization is run by a single person. And they are running a money extortion scheme. Why am I saying this? Simple. They only way to get unblocked is to pay up. No other reputable DNS blocklist does this.

Furthermore, they engage in abusive behaviour, and the single person behind this organization is misogynistic (proof:

@kescher I find it ironic how they claim to be doing the Internet "good deeds" by being brats.

Thank you for actually doing the Internet a good deed and warning people about this crap organisation.

@naia saw you boosting, and well, I've done all (non-optional) steps on that page, progressively fixing all of the hiccups and stuff since 2019, lmao

optional steps:

  • everything re: "spamassassin", rspamd is much easier to get started with
  • if you don't use DNS blocklists, no need to set up your own resolver.
  • ClamAV. Virus scanning on an email server often just does more harm than good.
  • anything other than STARTTLS is nonsense. do not bother with fixed ports.
@kescher Thanks!

I use spamassassin because I have a default conf for it I made ages ago. :)
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