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Sometimes, instance admins / individual, non-admin users should investigate shit before either posting on at all, or taking what's on for being true at all.

As the most recent example, the hashtag currently contains at least two instances that should not be blocked, and were merely targets of a malicious Pleroma MRF.

re: FediBlock meta 

@kescher wait, somebody used MRF to frame someone? pog


re: FediBlock meta 

@ariadne that MRF pretty much didn't work as intended when interacting with software that wasn't Pleroma, or at least its impact was simply larger on instances with Pleroma. That's as much as I currently understand, which is very little.

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re: FediBlock meta 


Pleroma does not trust forwarded remote content, or at least, did not in the Pleroma 1.x days, so any malicious MRF would be limited in scope to the instance where it was deployed.

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