FediBlock: queermisia, covid denial, ableism

Reasons: queermisia, covid denial (portrayed as both-sideism), ableism

Screenshots are in German, as will be the alt text.
Therefore, summary in English in this post:

First screenshot shows complaint about "being cancelled if you have the wrong opinion", and "I made fun of covid hysterics and covid deniers ~equally~" (nope) "and I make fun of insane people that say A, do B and tell everyone else to do C".

The second screenshot shows a post that has since been deleted, however, the deletion hadn't federated to my instance for some reason, allowing me to catch it. It is incredibly queermisic, making fun of gender neutral terms and apparently the word "mother" being "nazi speak" now, despite no one having said that. and, for some reason, (whether ironically or not) claims he has a big penis.


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FediBlock: queermisia, covid denial, ableism 

@kescher The reasons just keeps stacking up with this one. Holy heck what a 🥜.

FediBlock: queermisia, covid denial, ableism 

@kescher Literally added that last part in my block reason 😂


@kescher Anyone who preaches that they have a big penis probably needs tweezers.

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