The "I don't care about cookies" browser extension was acquired by the adware (and crappy antivirus) vendor Avast and should thus be removed

@kescher @frumble adaware annoyances and cookie filter lists for ublock origin?

@frumble @kescher uBlock Origin comes with AdGuard and Fanboy annoyances filter lists which help block these. I don't care about cookies also maintains a filter list which right now is better than the extension (though that might change with Avast owning it)

@frumble @kescher I use Consent-O-Matic, which doesn't just click OK and let everyone track you: it slogs through the cookie popups and says no to everything, which is what you really need to do.

@markusl "Cookie Block" does the same, even using ML. But I get some weird behavior here in my tests, maybe I need to clean all cookies first… @kescher

@frumble @kescher Cookie Block looks like a really useful extension. Thanks for introducing me to it.

@markusl I decided to remove Cookie Block. It didn’t work for most of my regular sites and had strange effects on the Twitter website and others. @kescher

@markusl @frumble @kescher I've been trying Consent-O-Matic, and it works for the most part, though it fails on some sites. There's a function for reporting domains with problems, so hopefully it will improve with time.

@mansr @frumble @kescher Yes, that's what I've found. I reported a failure with the cookie dialogue at tesco dot com and, a few weeks later, it was fixed.

It's a shameful indictment on the state of the Web that this extension is needed at all.

@kaia so did I until today, when it helpfully opened a new tab to tell me this unfortunate news

@kescher @kaia i didn’t read it because i was in the middle of playing a game

@kescher groaaaaaaan. That and cookie auto delete kept the web a lot more palatable

@kescher The Avast voice gave me nightmares as a child, it was genuinely my biggest fear. I wonder if it still talks

@NicholasLaney see replies (view my post on its original instance if there are none)

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