racism, queermisia, etc., yes, FediBlock 

you could run a FediTips parody account without interacting with shitty people. it is possible. you could just not be a piece of shit.

The admin is also quite actively interacting with people from shitposter.club and gameliberty.club, and lots of other crap.


FediBlock - warning, uncensored slurs! transphobia, racism, and other bigotry 

pl.zombiecats.run. Blocking of that specific subdomain and the apex domain (zombiecats.run) recommended.

It's a single-user instance engaging in behaviour indicated in the CW. Minimal receipts provided as captioned screenshots - they include slurs, so beware.

Context for the reply to PronounsPage at tech.lgbt (which is how I stumbled upon this one in the first place) in the third screenshot is to the post at tech.lgbt/@PronounsPage/108510, which is about someone that was denied blood donation due to not checking the "No" checkbox for the question of whether or not he is pregnant, instead insisting it's "unneeded, therefore I shouldn't have to check anything".

FediBlock, slurs against various minorities 

Guess it's time again.

strelizia.net, hunk.city.

Minimal receipts below, more on instance admin's public profiles.

selfies, eye contact - me at Vienna Pride. :boost_ok: 

skirt go spinny :)

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selfies, eye contact - me at Vienna Pride. :boost_ok: 

The group I was with went somewhere else after the main event was over, and they noticed I had a slight sunburn. Someone said it looked like I was blushing, so they asked me to pose like I did in this picture.

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selfies, eye contact - me at Vienna Pride. :boost_ok: 

So that was certainly a very day yesterday. Someone in the group I went with figured out that the term demisexual actually applies to him, so I just gave that flag to him lol

Oh yeah and a lot of random people told me they liked my outfit 🥺

(more images/media will be put into replies)

selfie, eye contact 

on my way to the pride parade (hopefully the images are rotated correctly this time. and where did the alt text go on that first pic?

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CloudFlare Email Protection absolutely not working, demonstrated on mastodon.coffee.

mildly flashing imagery 

Well I made multiple ones. Here's my summer one.

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slightly lewd joke 

Remembering this gem I made in 2018 for r/sbubby, which was immediately removed because a moderator didn't recognize the logo 🙃

Here's a Blåhaj I drew with Nintendo Swapdoodle™ on my 3DS

#FediBlock, transphobia and other right-wing shit 

ah yes, social dot midwaytrades dot com. The domain name already foreshadows what's to come.

The admin:

  • uses Gab and BitChute
  • states "my intention is to moderate as little as possible" on about page. As such, federates with a lot of fascist crap.
  • is transphobic. Which isn't surprising at all, considering the prior points.
  • does lots of other things I cannot possibly list

Consider blocking both social dot midwaytrades dot com, as well as the entirety of midwaytrades dot com.

Receipts attached as images.

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