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*quietly, on the side* hey, uh... is your brother, um, free and open source software?
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we couldnt get mails to render consistently on multiple platforms so we decided to bundle a separate web browser inside each sent mail

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I was wondering why my ADHD symptoms have been getting more intense the older I got. But it's pretty obvious. I have to do more things on my own and constantly juggle several tasks at the same time. So obviously I need more dopamine in my system than I would have needed when I was 14

@schratze someone did walk by me in thigh highs (different colors for each leg) last month (but not on the pride event day) when I went home from work. That was certainly someone.

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@thatonecalculator that, quite frankly, is the least of my concerns

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Things I don't want to touch: File uploads over federated services where there are upload limits on
- the sender's instance of a said service.
- the recipient's instance of a said service.
- the sender's web server of choice supporting the said service.
- the recipient's web server of choice supporting the said service

... and all the wonderful different errors that can arise if any of these parameters have a file upload limit that is lower than desired.

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*fossbro voice* i don't think the torment nexus itself is an issue per-se, i would be okay with it if it were foss or we at least had a libre alternative option
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so many people have been cancelled for homophobia i think it would probably be extremely expensive For Some Reason

@privateger yup! precisely that.

also, you are, in fact, already federating with a few instances that are housing people that wish people like me were dead. (just check the explore tab)

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The "story" format is so inaccessible to me and it's really irritating that news companies are starting to model their articles on fucking Snapchat

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i did a very long twitter thread about the NIST post quantum crytography competition results. i am not reposting it here because noone cares but on the offchance you do,

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for liberals the point of a protest isn't to accomplish some tangible goal but rather "do a protest" as a goal in and of itself

kescher :blobCat_in_box: boosted something that frustrates me a bit is that there isn't a decent allow/deny middle ground. denylist only means it's constant work to keep on top of moderation, and people will slip through, allowlist only similarly means a lot of effort to keep on top of moderation, and also risks shutting out small instances

@privateger today showed me that not doing so is even more of a management nightmare

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