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If there is a conflict on the other side of the world, that doesn't directly affect you but is catastrophic for the lives of countless people, consider shutting the fuck up

Reply to AI-Generated Images from AI-Generated Alt Text by Adrian Roselli

This is a great post to illustrate the utility of detailed alt-text when an image is the primary content. I think it’s less relevant for the more common use of images: as illustrative examples or supplements to surrounding text.

Take an image embedded in an article. Sighted users are capable of viewing a detailed image and instantly filtering for the information that’s relevant to the surrounding content. It’s harder to do this with a blurb of text, so this situation would call for more a more brief description.

The opposite extreme: the most detailed textual alternatives I work with are image transcripts (e.g. for comics). Flat text is a poor fit; semantic HTML works better. I’m hoping aria-details gains traction in the future and settling for short alt + long aria-describedby text in the meantime.

#POSSE note from

And I'm sure someone needs to hear this:

The previous toot was just a silly pun. You can be faster than others no matter whether you're coding in a terminal or a GUI. Plus, it's not about being fastest anyway. Going slow can mean making fewer mistakes and feeling relaxed instead of stressed (although I know that some people enjoy the speed rush, that's okay, too).

Create your stuff at your own pace. Try to have fun and learn something. And if you can, pay attention to its moral implications.

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Do cats have an internal monologue? Is it all "meow meow meow"?

need more people to take accessibility seriously

stop posting uncaptioned images and videos

i think the cool thing about swiss german, and the thing german ppl make fun of, is that we just use diminutives for so much stuff either to emphasize cuteness or as a word with separate meaning or just cause it sounds nicer
Some of you may be unaware of this, but I have used a computer (at least once).

English level: C3 i speak tongues that would twist the insides of your brain 👁

police department? why don't you, like, depart

Looking back on my experience as a programmer like, "How *did* I learn git? How *did* I learn gdb basics?"

Comrades, I do not know.

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is there a better word to refer to people that are non-queer than

a lot of people said cishet but there was the move to allocishet since it excluded acespec(? aspec? that feels also wrong) but I still don't love that since there are probably still people excluded by that, can't name them right now but still.

It's the same issue as lgbtqia2s+ and variants, what decides if someone is included in the acronym or part of the plus? Queer is much better since it doesn't have this issue as it's not an acronym.

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I can't wait until some sort of critical infrastructure gets hacked because of the sloppy work by the OpenSSL team

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