Umm excuse me. You couldn't actually eat a nuclear warhead 💣. They are far too big, bigger than a really big burrito 🌯. You can't bite through metal, and if you tried to swallow it whole, 🕳️, you would choke and die 💀.

me running away with a roughly nuclear-warhead-shaped tummy: 🥺 *bellypats* *burp*

atpol, transphobia, - 

Green party politician Faika El-Nagashi is talking at an LGB Alliance conference. Well, at least now there is no doubt about her intentions any more. :blahaj_not_stonks:

I'm a bit disappointed, I don't know her well but I guess I hoped she was just misinformed.

I'm normal and can be trusted with a set of cat ears

my bus didn't come and now there are two busloads of people in one bus :blobCat_flushed:

I'm actually so much too gay for my own good today that I'm too gay for my own bad which makes it good again.

chemistry shitpost 

OH: Why are there two unpaired electrons on that hydrogen?

Tomorrow is my birthday and I'm meeting with my partner and her partner and they asked me if they should order an ice cream cake :blobhaj_hearts:​ They are so sweet and cute I don't even know what to say :blobCat_hearts:

when the resident evil guy almost had a sandwich 

Jill issue

Heute ist #SafeAbortionDay - schaut mal, ob es Kundgebungen gibt und geht hin. Das Thema und alle Themen um körperliche Selbstbestimmung sind wichtig! :feministfist:
Für die Öcher*innen: 18 Uhr am Elisenbrunnen.

trans people: exist
me: 🥺🥺🥺🖤💞💞🖤🖤💞

Nächsten Montag ist das zweite #FediTreffWien.

Wir treffen uns am Sillerplatz 8, 11:30 Wien ab 17:00.

Wer hat denn vor zu kommen?

#FediTreff #Wien

when you have paper but nothing to write with 

quill issue

when you forgot the german adjective for an annoying high pitched sound 

schrill issue

when you thought you solved it but actually didn't 

still issue

When you're a microplankton and get eaten en masse by the largest creature on the planet 

Krill issue

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