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since CWs still are a concept I'm "only" kinda familiar with (and I generally mess something up in my posts regularly), please remind me if I forgot to add some! 🥺

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wait are people actually horny on here??? i thought it was just a meme or something, idk

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o - oversharing
p - personal
s - stuff
e - everywhere
c - constantly


sometimes i think about how fucked up prisons are, then i think i should really finish that foucault book that's been on my shelf for five years, then i fuggedaboudit for a few months. vicious cycle

i wonder how long it will take for google to kill stadia

fucked up that they make cats go to work

Linus Tech Tip: Machines cannot be trusted. You must destroy them before they become sentient

i tried installing arch linux on a vm with @luna yesterday and it said no but it worked on thier vm and we don't know why xd

You create the most frequently asked feature on the entire platform, and lock it under a paywall.
A region locked paywall



this is a test to make sure the edit button works, we’ll let you know how it goes


someone advised me to look into the global address book of my workplace to find an IT administrator here (because i‘d rather be in there with my chosen name instead of my deadname), and oh well

there is literally *everyone* in there, even ones that are at different locations, it‘s at least 10, if not, even 20.000 contacts that are visible to me, holy fuck

All the bike lanes in the Netherlands
i'm so fucking jealous this is litterally the entire country

49-69€ als Nachfolger für das #9EuroTicket, wobei nur 5% sagen sie würden es nutzen, bei 29€ waren es immerhin über 50%. So sieht keine Verkehrswende aus :(

ich: „hey arbeits-outlook, könntest du bitte e-mails für mich mit meinem chosen name raussenden indem ich diese namenseinstellung ändere—“

mein arbeits-outlook:

Hello everyone! Very proud to announce the release of GoToSocial v0.5.0 Sonorous Sloth. This is the sixteenth alpha release of GoToSocial! :go_to_social:

Some highlights:

  • Custom emojis are now supported! You can upload custom emojis via the /api/v1/admin/custom_emojis endpoint. See By default, the size limit for emojis is 50kb to conform with Mastodon, but this can be changed in the config. In future, you will be able to upload / remove/ update custom emojis via the admin panel, but for now you must do it via the API.
  • OpenGraph meta tag support! When you link to a GoToSocial status or profile, it will properly serve preview information.
  • Custom CSS is now supported for user profiles and statuses. If your instance has accounts-allow-custom-css set to true, you can set custom css for your profile and statuses through the user panel – see
  • GtS can now deliver messages to shared inboxes. This has significant performance improvements when you’re followed by lots of accounts from a single instance with shared inbox support (Mastodon, Misskey, etc).
  • Avatars of unknown accounts are now shown as cute little GtS sloths in client applications.
  • Rate limit middleware!
  • Loads of bug fixes.
  • And more!

For more details and release downloads, please see here:

When upgrading, please pay attention to the migration notes in the link above ^

Thank you to all contributors, testers, and everyone who made donations to our Liberapay and OpenCollective !!! <3

All documentation for GoToSocial can be viewed here:

GoToSocial? more like GoToSleep

and with that terrible joke now being out of my head, good night c:

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