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since CWs still are a concept I'm "only" kinda familiar with (and I generally mess something up in my posts regularly), please remind me if I forgot to add some! 🥺

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wait are people actually horny on here??? i thought it was just a meme or something, idk

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o - oversharing
p - personal
s - stuff
e - everywhere
c - constantly

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Info zum :

Ich habe gerade auf der Birdsite gelesen dass man das Ticket wenn möglich bei den Verkehrsbetrieben vor Ort kaufen soll, da die Zuschüsse nach verkauften Tickets ausbezahlt werden 😊


"But now it looks so unique!"


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Bitte Teilen:

In der Koblenzer Innenstadt wird gerade ein großes Einkaufszentrum (Forum Mittelrhein) geräumt. Ich habe eben mehrere Busse des SEK und den Kampfmittelräumdienst mit Sprengstoffhunden sehen können. Die Polizeit sperrt nach und nach wohl die Innenstadt ab. An alle die dort sind, bitte geht weg, niemand weiß ob Gefahr besteht, für mich hört sich das definitiv nach etwas an, was nicht schön ist.

My ten year old daughter was a bit distraught that she had lost her #Fitbit #Ace kids watch at school. (The main piece had fallen out of the band).

She’s a pretty responsible kid, and we’re looking at some alternatives that she can use to track her steps. Preferably a solid piece watch as opposed to one having a removable piece.

Suggestions are welcome!

markov toot 

yeah they cloned me to apply to vaccinated people

mental health, not mine, "laziness" 

I know two young people who were both struggling with school, always branded as "smart but lazy" by teachers and in one case by their own parents. One graduated with good grades, the other left school without graduating.

Yesterday I learned that both of them have been diagnosed with depression and one of them has severe ADHD.

Both obviously masked and compensated the hell out of it.

Laziness does not exist.

reminder that you are not a burden 

trauma and having emotions doesn't make ppl a burden. owning capital and gatekeeping resources makes ppl a burden

i did it because some say that the iPod touch basically is an iPhone without the Phone:

Little update on #NoiseTorch
The audit is seemingly done (if you want to contribute to double check / look if they forgot to check something, feel free to. It's witten in C and Go)
It should be safe to compile it from source now, but they didn't provide new binaries yet.


also this doesn't mean previous binaries were safe. We can never be sure if old versions were safe, because it's possible to change the history with git.

But at the same time, there's nothing telling us any malicious code was ever in the code, and the malware that triggered the audit was unrelated to the project, so I think it's safe to assume it was never compromised unless proven otherwise.

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