ich: „hey arbeits-outlook, könntest du bitte e-mails für mich mit meinem chosen name raussenden indem ich diese namenseinstellung ändere—“

mein arbeits-outlook:

holt mich bitte aus diesem raus qwq

ich will nicht nach Dresden zurück, ich will nicht in einem nicht richtig funktionieren Wagen vergammeln (wo die Anzeigen seit über ner halben Stunde beim Datum und Uhrzeit von heute 18:51 stecken geblieben sind und die LCD-Anzeigen nur ein Bild der S-Bahn Dresden und irgendwelche Baustelleninfos zur S1 zeigen) und aktiv drauf achten müssen wo ich raus muss (will eine vor Dresden Hbf raus) da die Ansagen genauso wenig funktionieren…

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does anyone of you know what this sound means? it's without an announcement and only plays in the part of the train I'm in...


Introducing Apple H+, we work with mobile network providers to re-activate 3G networks (so that you can get a little H or H+ network indicator in your status bar when you use your iPhone or iPad with cellular data), and we also introduced a new keyboard which just has the letter you need the most on it.

looking up replacement batteries for my T530, I just found out what that bottom pin thingy (which is normally protected) is for



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guess i just broke something on my end (or something is broken on the server's end) @kescher

just filmed how fast my computer boots and damn... from that moment when GRUB does its handoff to the Linux kernel to GNOME's login screen, it just takes less than 9 seconds

that's actually impressive for something that isn't optimized for speed and booting off a SATA SSD imo (yes I didn't press Enter when GRUB asked me to choose a boot option, so uh yea, if I had pressed Enter, I could've gotten that whole boot process under 20 seconds, including the atrociously long time my PC is in its BIOS)

how the two most-well-known operating systems for x86 PC that aren't Macs feel like to me (when it comes to program installations):


google just wants me to fucking lose it at this point

what my PC's audio is like after closing OBS (for a short while on random times):


mentally I'm this wi-fi access point (also showing how close i am to losing it (mentally))

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