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don't EVER set a song you like as alarm, you will begin to hate it the first day

holt mich bitte aus diesem raus qwq

ich will nicht nach Dresden zurück, ich will nicht in einem nicht richtig funktionieren Wagen vergammeln (wo die Anzeigen seit über ner halben Stunde beim Datum und Uhrzeit von heute 18:51 stecken geblieben sind und die LCD-Anzeigen nur ein Bild der S-Bahn Dresden und irgendwelche Baustelleninfos zur S1 zeigen) und aktiv drauf achten müssen wo ich raus muss (will eine vor Dresden Hbf raus) da die Ansagen genauso wenig funktionieren…

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i think instead of releasing new computer hardware every half a year that is twice as expensive, consumes twice the amount of power and is slightly more powerful, we should simpley bully software developers into optimizing their fucking programs

skype got away with 100mb ram usage in 2015

why is my discord client in 2022 using nearly 3 gigabytes ram

what if we beeped at each other and we’re both synthetic life forms

germany, the land of the paper, the home of no internet

alright so i've compiled some of the stuff i learned while growing my hair out into a blog post, maybe someone one here finds it helpful

The "I don't care about cookies" browser extension was acquired by the adware (and crappy antivirus) vendor Avast and should thus be removed

OnlyFans? Boring. Where is the OnlyHaters

breaking bad but cat 

:blobCat_science: jesse
we have to plant

plant catnip, jesse

terrible, don't open 

acab (assigned cop at birth)

@amberage when the polycule needs to defend their turf, they go to the polyarmory

outside of queerness contexts, thigh highs are really good for keeping yourself warm when it's suddenly a mere 10°C outside and you need to wear something underneath your normal clothing

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