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Ah yes, my favourite aircraft manufacturer: Airbussy

why did they call it baby-maiskolben and not kolbini


luchemos hermanos
contra los tiranos
y los requetés

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german-speaking people vs calling jwt tokens "jee wee tee" tokens

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fortnite? yeah obviously, this car is not moving

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oh you're trying to invalidate your cache?
too bad. Guru meditation error

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being on fedi 

which charlotte?
uhhhh.... what programming languages?
haskell, nix, rust....

okay yeah I still don't know which charlotte

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The cgi-bin is where your failed 3d characters go after you delete them

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genderfluid person who keeps doing gender reveal parties every other week
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hey! can i ask if-- *develops a crush on you* ah uh um i mean *develops a crush on you* sorry i just wanted to *develops a crush on you* shit-- i,

todo: browser extension that detects words and phrases below the user's cursor and automatically plays the word/phrase said or sung in a movie or song

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