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mastodon post visibility explained for twitter users 

worth mentioning (it's kinda hard wrapping your head around it and remembering why and when to use what):

the quasi-default, or what you'd expect from twitter, would be unlisted. you post something, people see it on your profile or in their home timelines if they follow you. people can also boost your post to repeat it onto their own home timeline. the basic concept of twitter

if you want something like a dark account, you'd set your profile to "require follow request" and then post everything as "followers-only". feels very unusual for twitter folks, because you can still post "unlisted" or "public", even as a "private account" - because it's not actually a private account. your posts aren't protected, except they're posted as "followers-only".

direct "messages" are super weird because once you started chatting with someone and you @ someone else, they can suddenly see the dms they're mentioned in. it makes sense, sure, but only if you don't think of those direct posts as conversations - and handily, mastodon helps with that by actually showing them as conversation! /s

please correct me if i got something wrong!!

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thinking. constantly making up bad puns might be a way of stimming to me?

how do i set up this app to automatically reflect my mood

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trifft sich eine linke ag (arbeitsgruppe) im az (arbeitszimmer)

what do you call a group of people using the copy command in vim? 


good morning btw

reminder that you are not a burden 

trauma and having emotions doesn't make ppl a burden. owning capital and gatekeeping resources makes ppl a burden


es war halt irgendwie nur 1 blitz und aus wurde der scheinbar wieder rauskorrigiert? naja schade lol

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like ich dachte erst ernsthaft, draußen hätte irgendne stromleitung geblitzt oder so, weil vorher literally nix war (weder blitz noch donner noch wind noch regen) und dann hats doch gedonnert und sagt es is wahr

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hÄ lol auf einmal aus dem nix 1 gewitter quasi vor der haustür ????

May not happen soon, but the possibility exists that Netflix can just shut down, and all of the media they've produced will be lost.

It'd be a good idea to pirate/download your favorite series/movies from Netflix since they haven't made any physical copies.

typescript; frontend framework docs be like 

sog. konstruktur

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