Computers are so magical and yet so cursed at the same time.

scientists 🤝 A physicist
being able to prove a theory

dear mastodon,

effective immediately i am discontinuing the bit of writing posts like letters. i'm too lazy and sleepy this morning

holly hoppet

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Humble: "Explore the works and worlds of J.R.R. Tolkien!"
Bundle: *only a fraction of the bundle seems to have anything to do with Tolkien*
Bungle: *No Hobbit or Lord of the Rings novels*


Doctors HATE Her! This mom emanates an inexplicable psychic field that repels people with higher education!

an operator 🤝 the nurse
being able to page a doctor

lockpicking lawyer in front of the vault housing the nuclear launch codes: "ok, i now have a box to which i do not know the combination"

weird how mastodon's default branch isn't "trunk"

bisexual? that means you're attracted primarily to bigender people, right?

we all know that if your gender matches your birth assignment, you're cis. but if you've carefully considered your gender, maybe tried some hormones, and come to the considered conclusion that your birth assignment is absolutely correct you unlock the coveted "megacis" status

apple silicon? I though they were mostly water and carbohydrates.

"every complex polynomial of degree n has exactly n roots, you just have to count some of them more than once" sounds like a shitpost tbh

i completely forgot that the love action cruella movie has her watch her mom get pushed off a cliff by dalmatians

PRIEST: Do you take Florence to be your wife?


PRIEST: Does anyone have anything-

RAGE: [from the back] I'M AGAINST THIS

big budget video game but every time there's a new content update they add a fishing minigame. each of the fishing minigames is like "finally, a fishing minigame!" the fishing minigames have next to no overlap. all their mechanics are different. none of them acknowledge each other

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