dear whatsapp,
please stop automatically saving photos into my gallery
love, me


im moving over to @a since as an admin there i should probably be more active there. feel free to follow me there :3

quick, my aunt texted me "you are here because your dad's not queer", someone give me a snarky response so i don't tear into her

my only wish is that it was longer, other than that it's one of my favourite films unironically 😭

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watched it while at a mob farm in minecraft and goddamn it's a great movie

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fucking christ shrek 2 is such a good sequel to shrek 1

crazy how all human languages are selfhosted

Raging transmisia, block suggestion 

Well, if that ain't a Twitter moment.

Strongly suggest blocking all of, it's full of transmisia, homomisia and racism. #fediblock @fediblock

selfies, eye contact - me at Vienna Pride. :boost_ok: 

So that was certainly a very day yesterday. Someone in the group I went with figured out that the term demisexual actually applies to him, so I just gave that flag to him lol

Oh yeah and a lot of random people told me they liked my outfit 🥺

(more images/media will be put into replies)

is there any good video editors on (or compatiable via wine) linux?

kdenlive has odd audio issues for me and im going to try davinci resolve but i want to know if theres a better option

love being a nerd about a cartoon about a sponge
it's quite fun to know the exact episode/film a quote came from when someone references it

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