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This account is a virtual actor used to represent the server itself and not any individual user. It is used for federation purposes and should not be blocked unless you want to block the whole instance, in which case you should use a domain block.

Server rules

Below is a summary of rules you need to follow if you want to have an account on this server of Mastodon:

  1. Usage of right-wing figures of speech are strongly discouraged. This point will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.
  2. Posting media without media descriptions, also known as alt text, is strongly discouraged.
  3. You must use content warnings for content. This includes obvious topics such as sexual content, assault, mental health issues, but also less obvious ones like food, selfies, pictures with eye contact to the viewer, etc.
  4. Corporate advertisement is strongly discouraged. Fund raisers, users of the site selling their own products or advertising their services are fine - we absolutely do not want corporations to advertise on here, however.
  5. Discrimination, especially against minorities, is strongly discouraged. This includes, but is not limited to: Racism, xenophobia. Homophobia, transphobia, and other queerphobia. Classism. Gatekeeping the "queer" status (acephobia, hating on mspec lesbians, ...)
  6. Any content illegal in Austria will be removed. We want this site to stay online, and as such, we have to follow applicable laws.

A general failure to follow the guidelines above will, depending on the severity, lead to the removal of your posts or your account. These guidelines are loosely based on rules at hellsite.site and notbird.site (R.I.P.), as the nyadmin was a long-time user of the latter instance.

Welcome to CatCatNya~! We are a left-wing instance, hoping to foster a diverse queer community's presence in the Fediverse, which includes, but is absolutely not limited to:

  • cats
  • queerness
  • plurality
  • disability

We are mainly speaking English and German, but other languages are also welcome.

Basically, the only things we exclude is fascists and tankies. We do not like those. Authoritarianism is garbage because it is detrimental to groups mentioned above.

We are meowderated by:
Account Role
@kescher Ownya and Nyadmin
@sk Meowderator
We have additional subdomains for multi-account access in separate browser tabs:

Federation policy

CatCatNya~ will generally freely federate, however, meowderation is strict. Defederation will occur if harassment occurs, fash/tankies are on the overwhelming majority on an instance, an instance being "free speech", or if an instance is otherwise deemed an immediate danger to users on CatCatNya~. If an instance does not pose an active threat to its users, but is deemed unmeowderated, it will likely result in a limit. Actions done by remote nyadmins/meowderators are weighed more heavily than individual users.

Other info

We are running our own fork of glitch-soc, which is also a fork of Mastodon. For more info about glitch-soc, see the glitch-soc webpage. For more info about our own fork see this git repository.

This instance is hosted on a machine with other services on it. Therefore, the performance on this instance may vary, depending on load introduced by other services. This should not be a real issue, considering these server specs:

  • 10 dedicated cores of an AMD EPYC™ 7702 CPU
  • 32 GiB of DDR4 ECC RAM
  • Storage:
    • 1 TiB of NVMe storage
    • Continually scaled, remote, encrypted media storage, partially cached on NVMe above
  • Hosted in Vienna, Austria
  • Running on Arch Linux, btw
  • Daily encrypted backups to a large backup host
Other services we host:

View our uptime: CatCatNya~ Status

Donation links, more info about the nyadmin and more at kescher.at.